Digital Transformation

  • Full consulting and mentoring for digital transformation projects
  • Digital transformation Strategy
  • Identification of digital products/services
  • Planning and architecture for digital products/services
  • Rapid development and implementation (complete solution) with extremely fast time-to-market
  • Integration with back-end systems
  • Inception


Transition to the Cloud

  • Consulting and mentoring with the transition to the cloud
  • Skilled for SAP Hana Cloud Platform
  • Skilled and certified for Microsoft Azure
  • Skilled and certified for IBM BlueMix
  • Skilled and certified for Oracle Cloud
  • Skilled for Amazon AWS

Bimodal IT

  • Consulting and mentoring with Bimodal IT approach
  • Reference procedures and best practices for establishing Bimodal IT operations


  • Continuous builds
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous testing
  • Installation and configuration of DevOps environments

Enterprise Solutions

  • Extensive skills and know-how in enterprise IT and application development
  • Highly skilled team for rapid agile application design and development
  • Migration from Java EE and .NET application servers to the cloud
  • Refactoring of legacy applications
  • DevOps based agile design and development
  • Full customer satisfaction – we help our clients from the idea through specifications and design to modern, responsive solutions
  • Specialized on (with extensive track record):
    Java EE
    BPM/SOA and business process automation
    Integration and MDM (including IoT integration)
    API Management and API Economy
    Transition to the cloud
  • Focus on commercial (IBM, Oracle) and open-source (JBoss) stacks.


  • Expert team for BPM and SOA
  • Modeling executable business processes
  • Developing process applications
  • Integration process applications with back-end services
  • Highly-skilled and certified for IBM BPM, Oracle SOA and BPM Suite and JBoss jBPM with extensive track record

HTML5 responsive web and mobile UX development

  • First-class user experience
  • Highly-skilled for HTML5 client side development
  • Highly-skilled for mobile development: iOS and Android
  • AngularJS expertise
  • React expertise
  • Native and hybrid mobile development

Java EE architecture and development

  • Extensive, in-depth Java and Java EE expertise
  • Long year experience with most complex Java EE projects
  • Certified for IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic
  • Fully skilled for JBoss WildFly
  • Migration of Java EE application to the cloud