Customer Communication Management solution – take control of your communication with customers

KumuluzCCM is a light-weight sophisticated customer communication management solution, which covers complete management of costumer communication through email, SMS and push notifications. It selects the preferred channel for communication and gives you full control and feedback. One-way and two-way communication is supported together with full analytics. This way you know exactly who received your message, who read it and who replied to it.

KumuluzCCM is an enterprise-grade solution. It is API and microservice based and prepared to be used as a SaaS service or deployed on premise. It is pre-configured for integration with Marketing Campaign tools, CRM, ERP and other enterprise backend applications. It fully exposes its functionalities via APIs, therefore it is easy to integrate with different back-end systems. KumuluzCCM has been designed from the ground up to offer high availability, scalability and elasticity.

“Customer Communication Management is a convergent set of Information Technology solutions that together provide Marketing Communication professionals the ability to advance the way that they communicate with their customers.” Gartner Group, Forrester Research and Madison Advisors

Features of KumuluzCCM:
Integrated omni-channel communication.
Flexible template management.
Customization and message personalization.
Delivery based on the preferences of every individual (channel, time, agreement).
Various triggers of communication.
Two-way communication: responses to the messages are correlated and available for further business analysis.
Data analysis on the top of customer communication.
Usage of business rules.
Multilevel approval of communication – BPM integration.
The option to adapt the delivery time, priority, channels and receiver agreements.
Technical capabilities of mass delivery.
Monitoring and control.
Export of statistics and reports.
Configuration of exceptions and the mechanism of re-delivery.

From the technical perspective, KumuluzCCM facilitates microservice architecture with full horizontal scalability. Front-end is developed in HTML5 and JavaScript, offering responsive and fluid user experience. Back-end is Java based and optimized for high-load. KumuluzCCM can be used as SaaS service or deployed on premise. It executes on virtualized servers and supports all major virtualization technologies, including Docker.

KumuluzCCM provides full integration capabilities for integration with back-end transactional systems, CRM, Campaign Management tools, ERP, BPM and other software. If provides the ability to import data for:
Receivers (and list of receivers)
Templates for sending messages/newsletters
Push notification app integration
Other required data

From the technology perspective, KumuluzCCM provides the following means of integration:
REST services (secured) are the preferred way,
SOAP services (secured),
HTTP (secured),
Direct file import in various formats,
Import of database tables.

For KumuluzCCM, all integrations and data exchange can be performed via REST or SOAP web services (both secured) or through direct HTTP (secured) calls. REST services are secured using SSL/TLS and different authentication models, such as OAuth2, LDAP or Kerberos. SOAP web services are secured using WS-Security, supporting Username and X.509 profiles.

KumuluzCCM offers powerful yet easy-to-use template creation for messages, which is integrated into the tool. Marketing personal can use the KumuluzCCM front-end to create templates, reuse templates or create template on-the-fly using drag-and-drop. Templates for all communication can be personalized. Several client-configured fields are available for personalization, such as name, last name, gender, address, etc. (as mentioned, fields are user configurable). Furthermore, labels for send-from and sender name can be freely configured for each individual campaign.

KumuluzCCM provides detailed reports and statistics on messages, including the number of messages sent, delivered and opened. It also provides detailed reports on undelivered messages and reasons for unsuccessful delivery (such as non-existing numbers, etc.). All reports and statistics and be obtained by campaign, for several campaigns, for certain period of time, etc. All reports and statistics can be accessed through KumuluzCCM or exported in various formats. They are also available through API calls.

KumuluzCCM provides various possibilities for defining the rules for sending messages (SMS and push notifications). Basic rules, such as rules regarding the date and time for delivery, delays, durations, etc. can be defined in KumuluzCCM directly. For more sophisticated rules, KumuluzCCM provides two approaches:
Rules can be defined in a rule engine or BRMS (Business Rules Management System), such as Drools. These rules can then be used to trigger campaigns, message notification, etc.
External system or application can be integrated with KumuluzCCM through API and use API calls to trigger campaigns or individual notifications.