Digital Integration Platform – key enabler for digital transformation

Open, standards-based, light-weight digital platform, designed to accelerate your digital transformation, address your digital needs and grow with you as your requirements grow.

KumuluzDigital is completely open, with zero vendor lock-in. It has been designed and built for the cloud from the ground, however can be deployed in on-premise data centers as well. It provides:
Reference procedures
Best practices for rapid development, prototyping and testing of your digital products and services.

KumuluzDigital reduces Time-to-Market for your digital products and services up to 85%.

KumuluzDigital consists of:
KumuluzAPI – API Management and Marketplace solution – expose, manage and control your APIs
KumuluzEE - Migrate your application to the cloud – a microservice framework for Java EE
KumuluzIntegration- Integration platform – integrate on premise and SaaS applications, and IoT devices- KumuluzUX Sophisticated framework for enterprise-grade web and mobile user interface with superb experience
KumuluzCCM - Customer Communication Management solution – take control of your communication with customers
KumuluzMobile – mobile device integration framework
KumuluzIoT – complete API-based IoT integration
KumuluzIdentity – professional identity management and integration solution
KumuluzBigData – unleash the power of your digital data
KumuluzCloudContainers – prepare cloud-ready containers for your digital products and services
KumuluzDevOps - Open standards out-of-the-box DevOps solution
KumuluzSLA – Monitor, control and asses SLA compliance