Migrate your application to the cloud – a microservice framework for Java EE

Migrate your application to the cloud – a microservice framework for Java EE
Simplifies and improves migration to the Cloud
Up to 65% improvement
Cloud-agnostic approach
No vendor lock-in for specific Cloud provider
Java EE standards based
Works with all Java EE application servers
IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss WildFly, …
Integrated circuit-breaker approach to minimize dependencies

Key features:
KumuluzEE allows you to decompose Java EE applications into microservices and prepare them for the cloud. It allows you to create standalone lightweight Java EE microservices that can be efficiently deployed, executed and scaled in the cloud on PaaS and Docker-like environments or as standalone applications. KumuluzEE microservices have minimal footprint and require minimal or no configuration. KumuluzEE automates the tasks, related to the deployment and configuration of Java EE microservices, thus overcoming the major drawback of the microservice architecture and eliminating the need for an application server.

KumuluzEE provides an efficient way to migrate existing Java EE applications to microservices and make them ready for the cloud. The major advantage is that you can migrate Java EE applications iteratively, step-by-step. You can take a few services and pack them as microservices, while the rest still runs on your existing Java EE application servers (such as Oracle WebLogic, WildFly or IBM WebSphere). Full interoperability between microservices and application server is provided. Full integration with Service API Management

KumuluzEE is fully integrated with KumuluzAPI, a novel Service API Management product that allows you to centrally manage services and APIs implemented as microservices or hosted on a Java EE application server. KumuluzAPI automatically discovers services and is fully integrated with Continuous Integration and Delivery cycles, thus guaranteeing that the API catalog is always in-sync with actual deployments.