Integration platform – integrate on premise and SaaS applications, and IoT devices

Kumuluz integration platform addresses the integration challenges for:
On-site integration
On-site to Cloud
Cloud to Cloud
Integration of IoT devices

It is a highly scalable high performance solution with build-in cloud elasticity. It facilitates integration of applications using APIs.

KumuluzIntegration enables you to integrate and synchronize your SaaS and/or on premise applications in matter of minutes. Using cutting edge innovations in data integration, such as event driven integration, schema matching and building common data model makes integration easier and faster. The data between applications gets synchronized in real-time.

We live in time when data is considered as new Oil. Kumuluz integration platform enables you to bring data together from different sources and most importantly helps you refine your data.

Event driven, real-time integration: Changes are synced to integrated applications in the moment they occur.
Hub-based integration architecture: Requires only one adapter per application irrespective of the number of integrated applications
Automatic schema matching: Uses pattern based identification of matching data and enables automatic or semi-automatic generation of data mapping, which greatly reduces time and effort, particularly for large and complex schemas.
Cross-provider common data model generation: Automatically builds the joint common data model of all integrated applications, which enables 360° view of data, exposing master data entities, BigData analytics, data mining and reporting, greatly simplified mobile device data access
Simplified integration of IoT enabled devices: Integrate your SaaS and on-premise applications with IoT enabled devices through easy-to-understand business APIs, which makes your integrations independent of underlying technology and protocols, reduces vendor lock-in and enables use of different IoT devices in a transparent way.
Pre-implemented and open-source adapters: Large set of pre-implemented adapters and open-source model for community adapter development. It’s never been easier to select a pre-developed adapter or to develop your own adapter.