Software design and development for digital transformation

Sunesis offers full advisory, mentoring and operational support (software development outsourcing) to enterprises in the process of digital transformation.

We help companies become or stay exceptional with leveraging new technologies, constant innovating, employing fast development cycles and creating better customer experience.

With full range of our services
we fasten your digital transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation tactical plan with identified new digital products and solutions

Current software replatforming and modernization

Rapid development of new digital products and suggestions

Based on the strategic digital transformation goals we help enterprises to prepare a solid tactical digital transformational plan with identified core new digital products and services. In the next step, we help companies with re-platforming existing software and applications that are outdated, we modernize legacy code and introduce new modern technologies to rapidly develop new digital solutions.

With our wide-range capabilities, cloud specialization, our Kumuluz digital platform and agile practices we help enterprises shorten the digital transformation cycle up to 85%.

Our capabilities

We offer a wide range of IT consulting, training and software development services that help enterprises with faster digital transformation, transition to cloud, transition from monolithic to microservice architecture, software modernization and new digital products development.


Digital transformationImplementation strategy
Digital products identificationApplication replatforming
Legacy code modernizationTransition to cloud


Cloud-native developmentMicroservices & APIs
Docker & KubernetesEnterprise architecture
IntegrationBlockchain developmentMobile UX
HTML5 Responsive Web development
Java, Java EE/Jakarta EE/EE4J development

We are constantly developing new capabilities according to new technology trends, emerging technologies, and best development practices, like microservices, blockchain, IoT and others.

Our certifications

We've received several international awards and certifications from global technology leaders like IBM, Oracle, Java Community and others.


Full list of our services and capabilities

Here you can find the full list of our services and capabilities on a strategic, tactical and operational level that we offer primary to enterprises in pretension industries like automotive, financial services, energy, oil&gas, government, media, retail and telco.

  • Digital Transformation Services
    We offer full digital transformation services from preparing a strategy and tactical plan to identifying and outlining new digital products and services. In the next step we help enterprises to develop new digital products and services and to continuously deliver new and advanced features for their stakeholders.
    Consulting and mentoring for digital transformation projects
    Digital transformation strategy
    Identification of digital products/services
    Planning and architecture for digital products/services
    Rapid development and implementation (complete solution) with extremely fast time-to-market
    Integration with back-end systems
    Build-in customer engagement tools - sense your customer needs and respond immediately
    Advanced digital technologies - microservices, APIs, containers, blockchain
    Continuous delivery of new and advanced features, including DevOps
  • chevron
    Cloud-native, microservices and APIs
    Cloud-native application development, microservice architecture and APIs are our core capability and competitive advantage. We help enterprises with the transition to the cloud and microservices, including replatforming existing applications to developing new cloud-native based solutions.

    Cloud Native

    • Cloud-native architecture
      • Cloud-native patterns
        • Configuration
        • Logs
        • Discovery
        • Metrics
        • Health
        • Security
        • Fault Tolerance
        • Circuit breakers
        • Event Streaming
        • Reactive
        • REST patters
        • etc.
      • Cloud-native Computing Foundation
        • Config and discovery servers: Etcd, Consul, etc
          • Central logging: Elastic (ELK) stack, Fluentd, etc
            • Hystrix
              • Prometheus
                • OpenTracing, Jaeger
                  • Linerd, Istio

                    Transition to the Cloud

                    • Consulting and mentoring with the transition to the cloud
                      • Skilled for Amazon AWS
                        • Skilled for SAP Hana Cloud Platform
                          • Skilled and certified for Microsoft Azure
                            • Skilled and certified for IBM BlueMix
                              • Skilled and certified for Oracle Cloud


                                • Microservice based application development
                                  • Transition to microservices
                                    • Replatforming your existing applications
                                      • Best practices and patterns for microservices
                                        • Microservices frameworks for Java, .NET, Node.js and Go
                                          • Microservice frameworks for Java (KumuluzEE, Spring Boot/Cloud, WildFly Swarm, Liberty, etc.)
                                            • Microprofile partners
                                              • Development patterns and archetypes


                                                • API centric applications
                                                  • API management
                                                    • API gateways
                                                      • API developer portals
                                                        • API marketplace solutions
                                                          • API documentation
                                                            • OpenApi 3.0 and Swagger
                                                              • API testing
                                                                • API monetization
                                                                • Docker and Kubernetes et al.
                                                                  We’re experts at modern software packaging solutions that provide resilience, scalability, predictability, immutability and repeatability of running digital services and solutions, independently of particular infrastructure.
                                                                  Docker containers
                                                                  Container host environment
                                                                  Docker private repository
                                                                  Kubernetes container orchestration
                                                                  Kubernetes deployment and configuration
                                                                  Kubernetes performance optimization
                                                                  Kubernetes scaling
                                                                • Integration
                                                                  With integration solutions, we help enterprises to bring all data to one place from any source - for analytics, smart data, synchronization or other purposes.
                                                                  Integration of applications, IoT and back-end systems
                                                                  From point-to-point integration to loosely-coupled hub-based integration
                                                                  Integration platforms
                                                                  Integration patterns and best practices
                                                                  Designing resilient integration architectures
                                                                  Implementation of integration projects
                                                                • Java, Java EE/Jakarta EE/EE4J architecture and development
                                                                  We offer high-quality back-end development based on our extensive expertise in enterprise software development and general software design patterns. We’re specialized for Java back-end development.
                                                                  Extensive, in-depth Java and Java EE/Jakarta EE/EE4J expertise
                                                                  Long year experience with most complex Java EE projects
                                                                  Certified for IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic
                                                                  Fully skilled for JBoss and WildFly
                                                                  Migration of Java EE application to microservices and the cloud
                                                                • Mobile UX and HTML5 responsive web development
                                                                  Besides back-end development, we cover front-end development, based on HTML5 and popular frameworks like Angular and React. We’re highly skilled in mobile development.
                                                                  First-class user experience
                                                                  Highly skilled for HTML5 client-side development
                                                                  Angular expertise
                                                                  React expertise
                                                                  Highly skilled for mobile development: iOS and Android
                                                                  Native and hybrid mobile development (Cordova, Ionic)
                                                                • DevOps and Continuous Delivery
                                                                  All of our development processes are based on agile and DevOps best practices and principles, which provides fast development cycles, process automation, easy monitoring of development progress and most importantly continuous releases of new software features.
                                                                  Continuous integration
                                                                  Continuous delivery
                                                                  Continuous deployment
                                                                  Continuous operations (aka Continuous everything)
                                                                  Installation and configuration of DevOps environments
                                                                • BPM
                                                                  We have an expert team for business process management (BPM) with the expertise to identify, analyze measure and optimize processes, including the development of new process applications and data integration. We’re certified for several BMP suits.
                                                                  Modeling executable business processes
                                                                  Developing process applications
                                                                  Integration process applications with back-end services
                                                                  Highly-skilled and certified for IBM BPM, Oracle SOA and BPM Suite and JBoss jBPM with an extensive track record
                                                                • Blockchain
                                                                  We’ve specialized for the design and development of blockchain applications and solutions. As our contribution to the blockchain world, we’ve developed the next generation API platform for blockchain applications.
                                                                  Blockchain development
                                                                  Smart-contracts development
                                                                  DApps development
                                                                  Etherium expertise
                                                                  Hyperledger Fabric expertise
                                                                  Cloud deployment
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