The perfect digital experience

for your customers

We help you to quickly set up enterprise grade solutions that digitize the entire interaction with your customers - to increase sales and increase your customer satisfaction.

Tailored to your needs
Easy upgrades and integrations
Faster development using APIs
Presence on all digital channels

Points of digital interaction with customers


Key building blocks for OMNI CHANNEL

Omni-channel business

and process automation

We help you establish a digital platform that will support various digital and physical channels according to omni-channel principles and enable your customer switching between channels. At the same time, we automate business processes according to the principles of RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Full customer insight
24/7 digital presence
Business on all digital channels
Also on branch systems

Get involved in the API economy overnight

We provide you with all the necessary building blocks to get involved in the API economy. Establish or engage in new value chains. Connect to other systems, share data efficiently, or integrate third-party services.

Identification of API opportunities
Rapid development of APIs
Integration of APIs with back-end systems
Introduction of API management tools

With a digital platform towards digital transformation

The Kumuluz Digital platform includes all the building blocks to achieve complete digital transformation, from data integration, API economy and digital building blocks for rapid digital applications development.

Pre-built business APIs
Marketplace solutions
Business process automation
Establishment of a »data-driven« organization

Modernize monolithic systems

With our platform, we take care of the integration and exchange of data between different systems. We upgrade your back-end systems so you can start a digital business.

API integration
Backend system upgrade
Establishment of a digital platform
Countless new opportunities

Experts in

advanced technology solutions

We eliminate obstacles that prevent the digitalization of business due to the lack of integration between different systems. We upgrade back-end systems with functionalities needed for digital business.

Cloud-native architecture, APIs and microservices
IAM and Keycloak
tech specialists

Identifying opportunities

in the digital environment

We conduct an online workshop for you and together identify how to digitize your business. We also prepare a plan for the development of a web or mobile application that will support sales.

Identification of competitive advantage
Engaging your customers
Rapid development of new solutions


concepts of digitization

We educate in the implementation of new concepts of digital transformation, such as cloud-native, microservice architecture, API, DevOps, IAM, Kubernetes and Docker.

A team of top experts
Authors of open source framework for cloud-native application development