List of our products and services

Our services
We can help you bring your digital strategy to life
We offer a wide range of IT consulting, training and software development services that help enterprises with faster digital transformation, transition to cloud, transition from monolithic to microservice architecture, software modernization and new digital products development.
Kumuluz Digital Platform
Fast-track your digital transformation
A light-weight, open, award-winning digital platform that development teams love.
Kumuluz Business APIs
API solutions for immediate use
Use pre-built business APIs to create your digital products and services much faster.
Open-source community
Join community of developers, contributors and users
Our Microservice framework (EE) is a member of
DAPIs & Blockchain
Truly decentralized applications
Kumuluz dAPI platform introduces fully decentralized APIs utilizing blockchain technology.

Are you wondering what the name Sunesis means?

Sunesis name was not chosen randomly, but communicates the core values represented by the company. The Greeks had three great words describing three great qualities of the mind. If a man possessed these three qualities he had a mind equipped.

The first of these words is Sophia - wisdom of ultimate things.
The second of the three great words is Phronesis - prudence.
The third of the great Greek words of the mind is Sunesis.

Sunesis literally means uniting, bringing together, integrating. It would be true to say that Sunesis is that faculty of putting two and two together. In its essence Sunesis is the power to asses, distinguish, criticize and evaluate, understand and to form judgments.

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